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Substantive Editing

Some clients come to me with manuscripts they have already written, in order to have them prepared for publication. First attempts at writing a book are wonderful, but they generally need a lot of work before they are ready to publish. Very few people are able to sit down and write their story in only one draft. for most of us, the real work begins once that first draft has been written. Editing is a skill that can take years to master. A scene clost to the end of the book may need to be moved back to the beginning, and another one may need to be described in a completely different manner. Often, characters need to be developed so that they are interesting, and the readers want to see what happens to them. This involves far more work than simply making sure that grammar and spelling errors have been corrected. It usually does not make sense to do that final grammar and spell check, until the manusxcrpt says exactly what the author wants it to say.